‘A Wonderful World’ trailer: ‘It’s About Time’ to End (Audio)

‘A Wonderful World’ trailer: ‘It’s About Time’ to End (Audio)

When it comes to the Apple logo and the word “Apple,” the new “A Wonderful Life” trailer is just about to start hitting YouTube.

The trailer begins with the famous quote, “It’s about time to end the apple advertising.”

It’s a familiar refrain for the company, as the company has spent the past couple of years making changes to its branding, including the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2016 and a new logo and font design in 2018.

The company has also been spending millions of dollars to buy a stake in Apple Music, a streaming service for music that’s also a subscription service.

The new trailer, which hits YouTube on Thursday, starts with the classic quote: “It was about time.”

In it, the narrator explains that Apple is “about to end its apple advertising.

They have decided that they can’t sell their advertising anymore, and that means they’re about to end their partnership with Apple.”

It continues: “So what does that mean?

Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret: You’re not alone.

We have more than just a billion people who have bought Apple Music.

We’re going to be a part of them.

So if you’re a listener or an owner of a music service, we’re going back to where we started.

We’ll let Apple Music be the new streaming music for the whole world.”

After the trailer ends, the video shows a video clip of a young girl in a bikini.

She’s talking to a friend who is wearing a pair of white Apple Watch bands.

“You’re going for the beach,” she says.

“And the beach is where you can’t be found.

You’re the only one who’s got the Apple Band.

So we’re not going to tell you to go look for someone else.

It’s going to take you.

So please, go for it, baby.”

The narrator continues to encourage the viewer to get the Apple watch, which can be purchased for $199 with free shipping.

The company has not yet confirmed whether or not it will discontinue advertising with Apple Music on the website or through the app.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment.

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