How to use car decals for your advertising campaigns

How to use car decals for your advertising campaigns

There’s no better way to put an advert on your car than to use an advert for a car decaler, says Martin, the Lamborghini ad specialist.

The ad campaign, which ran in several languages, was titled “Car Decals” and featured two Lamborghinis, a white one with a red trim and a black one with no trim, and two black Lamborghins that were not on display.

It’s a brilliant way to advertise your car, Martin says.

“You’ve got a brand name, and the word ‘Lamborghini’ is stamped on the front of the car, which makes it look like a Lamborghin.”

He says he knows that some people will find it annoying to see cars on display in their homes, but he believes the campaign works well.

“It’s like saying you’ve got some of your favourite food or drinks on your fridge, and you want to put them on your favourite car,” he says.

Lambozinis are a popular car among advertising campaigns because they can be as low as $100 and are also very attractive to the young, Martin said.

If you want something that’s a bit more interesting, try using a car’s decal in your ads, he says, and be creative with what you’re trying to do.

“It could be the car itself, or your company logo, or a design from an old car, but try to find something unique to the Lambo.

He also advises that if you’re not sure how to put up a car, go to an auto show, which is usually very cheap, and try to see what other people are doing.

You can get a car for around $50, and some people think it’s a good deal, Martin believes.

In the meantime, Martin recommends that people not put up their cars on public transport and to be sure they have the right decal.

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