What is the best

What is the best

for you to read today?

article Bleacher report is a weekly roundup of the best articles from around the web.

Today’s roundup includes the top 25 articles of the week.

Top 25 Articles: 1.

The New York Times: “I Am Not Going to Let You Down” by David Byrne2.

The Economist: “The Unspoken Truth: How We Are Making It Harder for People to Love” by Jonathan Haidt3.

Associated Press: “When Do We Stop Focusing on Ourselves?

The Cost of the New Self-Destructive Self-Promotion” by Richard Wiseman4.

The Atlantic: “Anxious to Become a Product?” by Kevin Roose5.

New York Times Magazine: “How to Be Happy: How to Make the Life You Want” by John D. Hartley6.

The Guardian: “Are We All Still So Unhappy?” by Ben Goldacre7.NPR: “A Conversation With a Robot” by Ben Goertzel8.

Associated: “Why Is The US Really Falling Behind in Science?” by Nicholas Carr9.CNN: “What Happened To The American Dream?” by Chris Cillizza10.

The Wall Street Journal: “Hacker’s Dream: The Next Great Technology” by Brian Krebs11.

Associated Journal: The Rise of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse by Andrew Zimbalist12.

The Financial Times: “‘The Truth About Hate’ is a New York Magazine Cover Story” by Nick Dearden13.NPR News: “Feminists: We Are in the War on Hate” by Rebecca Traister14.

Washington Post: “Trump: I’ll Make America Great Again” by Greg Sargent15.

New Yorker: “This Is the Year America Lost Its Way: How the Right Has Taken Control of the GOP” by Nicholas Kristof16.

Daily Beast: “Here Are the Top Five Things Every American Should Know” by Andrew Sullivan17.

Wall Street Journal (subscribers only): “The Best New Technology Stories” by Chris Hughes18.

Associated (subscriber only):”The Truth about Hate” – The Best New Journalism by Andrew S. Tanenbaum19.

Daily Mail: “Women and the New American Patriarchy” by Jessica Valenti20.

Washington Times:”Why Are We So Afraid of Trump?

The Inside Story of How He Won” by Mark Leibovich21.

New Republic: “Weirdly, Trump is Still In Charge” by Sam Harris22.

The Washington Post:”How To Be Happy” by Jon Stewart23.

Associated Media: “Culture War” by Michael Moore24.

The Telegraph: “Who Is the Most Fierce Person in the World?” by Christopher Hitchens25.

The Verge: “Where Do We Go from Here?” by David J. Friedman

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