How to buy political ads: The new ad buys

How to buy political ads: The new ad buys

A new political ad campaign in the state of Quebec has managed to grab headlines for its outrageous price tag.

Dubuque, Quebec, is the capital of Quebec and the home of the national football team.

The ad campaign aims to highlight the high cost of health care, housing and education.

The ad campaign is a part of a campaign by the Quebec Federation of Students (QFS), the national union for students in Quebec, to highlight how tuition and housing costs are high in Quebec and how the province’s government is not paying enough of the costs.

The campaign, called “I’m the only one,” features an animated cartoon that shows two people, one of them a student, with a sign reading “I can’t pay my rent” over their shoulder.

The cartoon, which features an angry student, goes on to explain that “I couldn’t even afford a $500 computer to read this article.”

The cartoon ends with the message “I am the only student in Quebec who can afford this,” while a sticker says, “Students don’t have to worry.”

The campaign was launched by the federation on September 22.

It was a response to the government’s decision to raise tuition fees by 1.6 percent starting September 30, and to reduce the rate of new private health care coverage.

It also targeted Quebec’s housing situation, as it is not covered by the province-wide health care plan.

The QFS said the campaign is the first of its kind in Quebec.

“This campaign is meant to raise awareness of the high costs of health, housing, and education in Quebec,” said QFS President Jacques Drouin in a statement.

“We hope that people will see this campaign as an opportunity to take control of their own futures and to put pressure on the Quebec government.”

The group says that in Quebec there are “too many students” in poverty and the Quebec federation is working with a group of housing associations and community groups to help students find permanent housing.

It is encouraging that so many young people are participating in the campaign, said Yves Chiribande, president of the Quebec Association of Student Associations.

“It’s really important for young people to see that their voices are heard and they have a voice.

That’s the message.”

The QSF said that the ad campaign has been a success.

“Since launching the campaign last September, we have received hundreds of emails and calls, as well as social media messages, urging us to continue the campaign.

The campaign is helping to bring a positive image of Quebec to the forefront.”

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