Which ads have you seen that are racist?

Which ads have you seen that are racist?

The following is a sampling of the many ads I have seen that were racially offensive.

They were not all racist, but they all had a message that I found very distasteful.

Here’s an example.

A commercial from the 1960s was about a man in a wheelchair who needed a wheelchair ramp for a school project.

“A man with a wheelchair,” the ad says.

“This wheelchair ramp will allow him to walk more easily on school property.”

This ad has since been deemed offensive, and was banned by the company that produced it.

“I’m not sure why it was taken down,” says the ad’s creator, James Ritter.

“The reason I was pulled off the air was because of the racial nature of the advertisement.

The owner of the company had been sued for violating the ADA, and he had already been fined by the Federal Trade Commission.

They said it was inappropriate for the advertising to be in that particular context.

They also said it would violate the Fair Housing Act, and I was being sued for discriminating against a handicapped person.

That’s why I was brought into the ad.”

Another ad in which a wheelchair has been removed from a building is also racist.

“Wheelchair ramp,” the title says.

This ad was removed by a city of Austin company that did not agree with the removal of the wheelchair ramp.

“My company has been accused of racism in the past,” Ritter says.

Ritter has been sued by the owner of a nearby building.

“We had to go to court, and they had to back down, and the city of Dallas was sued for being racist, and we won.”

In another example, the ad has a wheelchair on a plane.

The company that created the ad claims that the wheelchair has no purpose.

“No one is going to walk in a plane,” the company’s narrator says.

The ad was taken off air by the city in Austin, Texas.

“There are no wheelchair ramps on planes,” says Ritter, who is white.

“What if there were wheelchair ramps in airports?

I would be on the plane, sitting on the wheelchair.”

A commercial for a company called Aventura Air that was recently removed from the air is another example of a racist advertisement.

“Airport Airport Airport airport Airport airport airport airport,” the narrator says as the plane flies over the Austin airport.

“They have to build wheelchair ramps, because the people that have the disabilities are going to need to go.”

A company called American Airlines removed a commercial from its air show in Austin.

“And it was really offensive, to put the wheelchair up in the sky.

They can’t have that, because there’s a lot of people who can’t get on planes.

And that was just really inappropriate, and that was a little racist,” says one of the producers of the ad.

Ritters’ company has not been charged with any violations.

In fact, American Airlines, a major airline in the United States, has a zero-tolerance policy against racism and discrimination.

Ritz, the executive producer of the Austin-based ad, says that when he heard that a city was taking down the commercial, he contacted the company, and offered to remove it.

He says he was told that it was not an issue with the ad itself, but with the city’s handling of it.

Roper says that he contacted American Airlines again to ask for the ad back.

“It was the same thing,” Roper said.

“When you look at the ad, it wasn’t racist.

The only reason I’m saying that is because I think it was a good example.

The other reason is that they put it on the air, and then they have to do a lot to remove the ad from the marketplace.”

Ritter believes that his company should be held accountable for its actions.

“That’s why, if it’s going to go on air, I think American Airlines should be in trouble, because they should be making sure that their ads aren’t going to get banned.

They should be paying attention to what’s going on in the marketplace, and be making a conscious effort to be consistent with what’s in the advertising world,” he said.

Riffle, the local business owner, believes that American Airlines’ decision to remove an ad is unfair.

“If the city had the power to put a wheelchair up on the ground, why would they not do that?

And if it was discrimination, why wouldn’t they?

They were just trying to get rid of a wheelchair that people with disabilities might use.”

Ritz said that American’s decision to pull the ad was unfortunate, but that it is part of a larger trend.

“At the same time, if we’re going to do something that we think is racist, we should at least try to be fair,” Ritz says.

He believes that in the case of the airport commercial, American’s

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