How to protect yourself from fake news

How to protect yourself from fake news

The NFL is warning its fans and advertisers to be vigilant when it comes to the fake news spread by outlets like The Daily Caller.

A letter to advertisers on The Daily Show on Monday said the website “has been actively spreading a wide array of false, misleading, and/or misleading stories about the league, the NFL, and the NFL Players Association.”

The letter says the site also has published articles with the goal of “misleading, defaming, or harming the NFL and its Players Association and its employees, agents, owners, and employees, and to promote a false or misleading perception of the NFL or the NFLPA or its officers and employees.”

“This type of irresponsible and dangerous content has been shared in social media channels, email feeds, and websites, including Facebook and Twitter, and is being shared on the web in a wide variety of formats and at different times,” the letter continued.

“The NFLPA and the league have not seen this type of content before.

We have never seen this kind of content at the NFL combine and have not had to take any action at this time,” the NFL said in a statement.

The NFL, in the letter, said it has taken the issue seriously and “has made efforts to prevent the spread of this type and other false and misleading content.”

“We are confident that we can continue to work together with the league to identify, remove and/to prevent the spreading of these types of content, and we are committed to addressing the issues with our advertising partners, our media partners and our other advertising partners,” the league said.

“We have an ongoing dialogue with the NFL about how we can work together in a proactive manner to stop the spread and to work toward a solution.”

The NFL and the union have long been at odds over how to handle fake news.

In the wake of the presidential election, the union proposed that the league implement a plan to curb fake news by instituting new measures to curb online advertising.

But the proposal has not been adopted by the league.

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