10 most dangerous cities for kids

10 most dangerous cities for kids

The most dangerous places to be a child are located in the U.S. and Canada, according to a new report by the National Geographic Society.

The most dangerous place to be younger is also the one most likely to be in a car accident, with the median age at which a child is injured being 20.

The safest places for children are places where parents are willing to make that commitment, and those with the most supportive parents, said Kathryn Smith, senior editor in charge of the National Magazine Award-winning magazine.

Children are at risk for a number of health issues.

While they may be safe in their own homes, they’re at risk in schools, in the car, and in other public spaces.

In addition, there are serious risks to the brain.

They’re more likely to suffer from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and their risk of having other mental health problems is higher.

In addition, older children and adults are at higher risk of being injured, and a child’s ability to walk or ride a bike is lower than an adult’s.

The findings highlight a need for better interventions for young people in communities where many families are struggling to support a growing number of families.

In many cases, the child in the home may be in the most vulnerable position.

It’s the one with the least resources, but it also has the most challenges, said Smith.

The report also found that, overall, children who live in homes with no supervision are more likely than children in stable or stable families to be involved in some form of physical or sexual abuse.

The risk factors for child abuse include the child’s race, gender, disability, income, and the presence of a parent who is not living with the child.

The researchers also found the following:

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