The Big Three in advertising: The $1.2 billion dollar companies with the best results

The Big Three in advertising: The $1.2 billion dollar companies with the best results

The three largest U.S. advertising firms spent $1,2 billion to create digital ads in 2017, according to a new study from The Post.

Free advertising online and radio advertising accounted for the lion’s share of the money, with ads from Facebook, Google and Amazon each making up about $1 billion.

Advertisers spent $3.6 billion on ads in 2018, up from $2.6 in 2017.

The firms spent an estimated $4.1 billion on digital ads, up slightly from $3 billion in 2018.

The companies spent an additional $2 billion on radio advertising in 2018 as well, according the study.

Advertising companies typically spend millions of dollars on online ads, which typically don’t appear in print ads.

They are also responsible for the bulk of digital advertising, which is typically spent in print on the same sites, such as TV and radio.

Advisors say online advertising is a major competitive advantage for publishers.

They say that online ads generate more revenue and advertisers are willing to spend more money to reach customers, making it easier for publishers to create ads and make money.

Online advertising is especially popular among younger readers.

In the age of social media, they can access digital ad networks that are much more readily accessible.

Ads are also a growing revenue stream for publishers, said Matt O’Brien, executive vice president of global advertising at J. Walter Thompson.

“Online advertising creates new revenue streams for publishers,” O’Briens said.

The money can be used to pay publishers’ staff, advertisers and marketers.

In the past, the companies have tried to limit online ads by cutting down on the amount of time they are shown in print.

The company also has been slow to scale up the ad network to handle all the growth.

That has allowed online advertising to thrive in certain categories, including video and print, which were not traditionally the top two revenue streams.

Adrian Smith, vice president and chief financial officer of AdSense, a major online ad network, said in a statement that advertisers can spend more on online advertising if they have a good relationship with their publishers.

“In addition to the additional revenue they will see in the form of additional ad inventory, publishers will be able to increase their revenue potential as they expand their reach through new digital channels,” Smith said.

The three biggest U.K. ad companies spent $2,926 million on digital advertising in 2017 and $1 million on radio ads.

Both the online and digital platforms are among the companies that spend more than double the amount spent by the five biggest U to A companies.

The online platforms also have the most digital advertising spend in the world, spending $6,922 million, according, the study found.

Advertisers spend about $9 billion on advertising on digital platforms, the report found.

Advisor firms are also investing heavily in digital advertising.

The study found that digital ad spend by the three largest companies grew from $1 to $3 in 2017 compared to $4 for the others.

The industry is expected to see another $6 billion in digital ad spending this year.

The report did not include how much advertising the three companies spent on radio.

The study said that the three biggest ad agencies in the U.U. spend an estimated 8.5 percent of their ad budget on radio, or $5 billion.

The top three agencies are McCann, Rival and Tandem.

All three spend a large percentage of their budgets on radio and ad buys.

Adweek estimated that radio and radio ad spend in 2017 was $6.5 billion, or 10.4 percent of its total ad budget.

Rival and McCann spend more, with radio spending about 15 percent of total ad spending.

Tandem, which has a smaller ad budget, spends about 7 percent of ad spending, while McCann spends 6 percent.

The report did find that Rival spends about 13 percent of advertising budget on digital.

The other two agencies, McCann and Rival, do not track spending on digital or radio.

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