What you need to know about Spotify’s latest ad campaign

What you need to know about Spotify’s latest ad campaign

The latest ad from Spotify has been launched, but there’s still some question about whether it’s a good fit for the platform.

Spotify has just released a new ad campaign featuring two women in the company’s latest clothing ad campaign.

The video, called “Taste of Style”, is set to be released on Thursday.

It starts off with two women, one wearing a grey blazer and the other in a white dress, talking about the style they love and the new fashion.

The blazer is a slim fit with a bow, and the dress is made with a satin fabric and is styled with a floral print.

Spotify said in a blog post: The first step in creating our new style campaign is choosing the perfect partner for our campaign.

With our brand’s unique brand values and strong focus on authenticity, authenticity is the core of what we want to convey.

This campaign has an iconic and timeless feel that will resonate with our fans, as well as consumers in the US, UK and around the world. 

The second video is called “BEST of the Best”.

The women are shown in a variety of clothing styles, but one is wearing a black dress and a black top.

The other is wearing an orange jacket and a white top.

Spotify said the video will be released in the coming weeks.

“It is the first time in our history that we have been able to showcase our latest style campaign and it was inspired by the beautiful and iconic women who are our customers,” said Spotify senior creative director Chris Haines.

“It is exciting to finally have a chance to celebrate the style and style in our ads and to share our own style through the medium of music.”

The video features women in a range of clothing brands, with many wearing the same look in many different outfits.

The ad is not the first Spotify has released for the company.

In May, the streaming platform released its first ever clothing ad, featuring a group of women wearing various outfits.

Last year, Spotify released a series of ads featuring musicians and stars, including the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

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