‘The Last Tycoon’ trailer to premiere in Toronto in September

‘The Last Tycoon’ trailer to premiere in Toronto in September

A new trailer for the movie “The Last Town Tycoon” has been released to the world and it’s about to launch in Toronto.

The film stars the likes of former NHL player Brian Gionta, who also plays “Tyson” in the film, and stars Jamie Foxx as “Moses” and Liam Neeson as “The Boss”.

It’s set to open on September 23, and has been described as “a comedy-drama” by Variety.

“Tyson and Moses’ story has been told in a series of films and we’re excited to finally be able to share this story with audiences in Canada,” the trailer reads.

“This film follows the rise of Moses as he navigates a series and sometimes even entire companies to take over the world.

He is a charismatic leader with the ability to turn things around and inspire others.”

In the trailer, “MOSES” and “TOOY MOOSE” are voiced by Foxx and Neesons respectively.

“Mosey” is played by a British actor and has his own music, which the film’s producer, Mark Daley, told Variety.

The movie will be released on VOD, VOD-exclusive streaming service Amazon Prime Video, and on the iTunes store.

“The Last City Tycoon” is a comedy about two friends who become billionaires after their company makes a big investment in a major city, only to have a major problem emerge when they sell the city for the same amount.

It stars Jamie FOXx, Liam Neeons, and Brian Gisonta, and is written and directed by Mark DALY.

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