Why the NFL isn’t banning ads on Twitter

Why the NFL isn’t banning ads on Twitter

If you’re a fan of the NFL and want to advertise on social media, you’re in luck.

But, you’ll have to use a different social media platform if you want to do that.

On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it would be adding ad blocking and content blocking to its suite of services.

Twitter is already adding a feature that allows users to create private ads on their own pages.

But the move to add the same features to its own platform has the potential to bring about more regulation in the realm of social media.

Advertising on Twitter has been a big issue for the NFL, and it’s one of the main reasons why the league’s owners approved an $18 billion merger with the Facebook-owned company in March.

Twitter’s decision to add ad blocking was welcomed by some users, but others were concerned that the move would make it harder for fans to see their favorite teams’ ads on the platform.

The league announced in April that it had started testing ad blocking on Twitter, but that it hadn’t yet implemented ad blocking directly in its live streams.

The announcement was followed by the league moving to ban advertising on the site itself.

Twitter announced Wednesday that it will be adding these features to the company’s services, and that users will be able to set up ads for the ads that they want to see on their page.

The ad blocking feature will be available to users on the company website, as well as on Twitter’s mobile apps.

Twitter has long offered ad blocking for people to see what their followers are doing on the service, and the feature will work the same way.

But now, the service will also offer a new feature for users that allows them to set ads for their own accounts.

Users can use their own Twitter account to set these ads, and Twitter will then take care of the rest.

Twitter said that the ad blocking features will also allow people to create their own private ads for users to see.

Users can set up these ads and the company will take care the ad will be displayed in their own feeds, with no third-party ads appearing in the feed.

For users who want to opt-in to these features, they’ll be able do so in the Twitter settings.

Twitter also said that they will be launching a tool in the coming days that allows people to disable their own ads.

But until then, the company won’t be allowing users to set their own ad blocking.

Users will also be able add their own content, like photos, to the ads they want people to be shown on their pages.

The announcement comes just weeks after the NFL announced it would begin testing ad blockers for users, and is another step toward removing the platform’s ad revenue streams.

Twitter announced its ad-blocking plan in April, and its new features are now coming to the social media giant’s own services.

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