McDonald’s ad ‘blows up the economy’: The company says the campaign is ‘just plain wrong’

McDonald’s ad ‘blows up the economy’: The company says the campaign is ‘just plain wrong’

An advertisement for McDonald’s in the New York Times Sunday morning is a case in point.

The ad, titled ‘Don’t Be Fooled By McDonald’s’, was launched by a prominent pro-Palestinian group and features a young Palestinian woman who says she would love to open a McDonald’s restaurant, but the Israeli occupation will never let her.

The woman, who looks to be a university student, is quoted as saying: ‘I know what it’s like to be living under a military occupation.

It’s just plain wrong.’

The advertisement was widely condemned as an anti-Palestinian propaganda campaign.

The New York City Times, meanwhile, cited an unnamed Palestinian human rights activist who said that the ad “has the effect of silencing Palestinian voices”.

The group that is behind the ad, called the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), has been accused of inciting and encouraging violence.

The PACBI has also been accused by human rights activists of promoting violence in the occupied West Bank.

PACBI is not affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

However, its members have received funding from the US-based Israeli group StandWithUs, and in the past have claimed that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are ‘racist’ and ‘colonial’.

This has prompted the PACBI to issue a statement condemning the New Yorkers ad.

‘While we appreciate the fact that [the New York] Times is doing its due diligence and has a good track record when it comes to reporting on this issue, we cannot allow PACBI’s rhetoric to undermine our commitment to promoting the rights of Palestinian voices to be heard,’ the PACBi statement read.

‘The Palestinian Campaign has the same right to free expression as any other citizen, and it’s time for the New Yorker to acknowledge that.’

In a statement to The Electronic Intifada, PACBI condemned the New Times ad and said that it ‘doesn’t represent the views of PACBI or any of its supporters’.

The group said that PACBI and its supporters ‘have no desire to compromise with any of the Palestinians’ legitimate demands, such as the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in the 1967 borders and an end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

‘We do not condone the Palestinian campaign to demonize Israel or its supporters, as well as the continued criminalization of Palestinian civilians and the continuing violence against them, and we do not support the boycott of Israel, which is against all international law, and is against international human rights law,’ PACBI added.

The NY Times has been one of the most prominent American media outlets to feature Palestinian voices on social media and in news coverage, including in the wake of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Times recently ran an article titled ‘Palestinians Still Not Getting Enough’ by journalist Alyssa Rosenberg, who highlighted the lack of Palestinian representation in newsrooms and the lack thereof in the media.

‘Palestins are still not getting enough coverage in the mainstream media, said AlyssA Rosenberg, the Times’ senior Middle East correspondent.

‘They’re still not really getting enough credit, they’re not getting the right treatment in the press and they’re still being demonized, even when they’re doing really important work, such an article about the need to have Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

‘It’s hard to have a Palestinian representative in the American press.’

However, the New Americans’ report also highlighted the disproportionate impact of anti-Israel violence on Palestinian communities.

The report found that, while Israeli settlements are the primary reason Palestinians have experienced such severe economic hardship in recent years, the number of Palestinians killed in Israeli-occupied territories is also on the rise.

In the period from the first year of the occupation in 1967 until the end of the second year of Israeli occupation in 2016, there were 6,633 Palestinian deaths, according to the report.

This figure was significantly higher than the total number of Palestinian deaths in Israeli Israeli-controlled territories during the same period, but significantly less than the number killed in the territories in the same time period in 2009.

During this same period Israeli settlers and their supporters have killed more than 4,000 Palestinians.

While the total death toll of Israeli settlers has been growing, the report found the number who have been killed by Palestinian settlers and other Israeli-settler supporters has remained constant, with more than 2,000 Israeli settlers killed in 2016.

During the same timeframe, Palestinian security forces have killed almost half of all Palestinians killed by Israeli forces, according the report, while settler violence has been the main cause of death for Palestinians, according both the UN and the World Health Organization.

A New Americans spokesperson told The Electronic Idifada that the newspaper does not comment on individual stories, but did confirm that it did not take issue with the PACbi ad or any other piece of media that was published

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