The Daily Advertiser’s Obituary: Steve Bannon is the Next President of the United States

The Daily Advertiser’s Obituary: Steve Bannon is the Next President of the United States

Steve Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist, is the next President of our country.

He has an impressive resume and has served the country in various capacities since taking office in January 2017.

His career includes several prominent roles in government and public service, including: Director of the Office of Management and Budget and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Bannon served as President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff from January 20, 2017 until January 20 of this year.

His tenure as Chief of the Department of Homeland Security saw him work to secure the borders and protect the American people from threats of terrorism and pandemic.

Bannon has also been a vocal supporter of President Donald J. Trump’s agenda, and his appointment to lead the National Security Council has been seen as an important step toward the President’s agenda.

Bannon is currently the President of Breitbart News, and he is currently leading the company’s digital and news operations, as well as its global media division.

Steve Bannon was born in New York City and attended the University of Michigan.

He graduated with a degree in political science from the University at Buffalo and a law degree from the College of William and Mary.

Bannon was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Breitbart from April 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018, with the rank of Vice President of Business Development.

Bannon, who served as Chief Strategists and Chief Executive officer of Breitbart, until January 2018, also served as the executive editor of Breitbart Tech.

In February 2018, he was named Executive Vice President for Content.

Bannon holds a B.A. in political philosophy from the Wharton School of the University, and a Masters in public administration from Georgetown University.

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