How much is a photo ad worth?

How much is a photo ad worth?

The ad industry has had to contend with the impact of the selfie craze, but it may be worth the effort, at least for now.

According to research firm ComScore, a majority of U.S. consumers are willing to pay $1.25 for a photo in an ad.

That’s $1 less than a traditional image that appears on a banner, website, or video ad, and about $1 more than a similar image that appeared on a message board or other form of social media.

While consumers may be willing to spend that much for a few seconds of a photo, ComScore says the value is likely not worth the cost of the ad, even though most people are unlikely to be looking at the photo again.

The value of a selfie, which typically comes in a small format, has been growing steadily, as people have taken to posting selfies on Instagram, Snapchat, and other photo sharing sites.

According to the comScore study, nearly half of U,S.

adults have taken a selfie in the past week, and more than 30 percent of U.,S.

teens have done so in the last month.

But while most people will likely never look at that photo again, the digital photo market could be worth billions of dollars.

For instance, a recent study from eMarketer found that nearly half the $9.7 billion value of the U.K. ad market was in selfies, including $2.6 billion in ads related to selfie usage.comScore predicts that in 2019, the selfie industry will reach $17.5 billion in annual revenue.

But that number could be even higher because of the cost associated with advertising for selfie use.

That means if selfie ad revenues were to grow by about half in 2019 compared to the year before, the total value of selfies would likely be $38.6bn, or $12.6 per person.

If that’s a good bet, it would be a stunning jump from the $1 a photo that appeared in a banner or banner ad of $1 that appeared two years ago.

The cost of a banner and banner ad could also be higher in 2019 than it was in 2018.

In 2018, Comscore estimated that an ad costing $1 would typically appear on about 10 percent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, and only on about 3 percent of Instagram accounts.

If selfie usage grows at its current rate, the value of those ads could be higher than they were in 2018, when Comscore forecast selfie use to reach an estimated $10 billion in 2019.

A few other things to keep in mind:As ComScore points out, a selfie ad is still more valuable than a banner.

For example, a banner would only generate about $2 per person per day.

An ad that appears only once per day on Instagram is much less valuable than an ad that shows up multiple times in a day, such as a photo and video ad.

In 2019, Complayer also estimated that a banner cost about $8.6 in 2019 dollars, compared to a selfie cost about the same as a banner of $2 in 2019 money.

ComScore said that’s because the cost per person is still relatively low for a banner ad, while the cost for a selfie is likely higher because people will typically look at a selfie once or twice in a month, and the cost is much higher for a video ad on Facebook and Instagram.

As for the cost to a user, Comstocker said that most people don’t pay much attention to their selfies, but they do pay attention to other aspects of their social media activity, such to when they’re sharing photos, where they’re on social media, and when they click on a photo to share it.

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