What you need to know about the saugers scandal

When ABC News and the Associated Press published their first reports on the saugs scandal last year, it sparked outrage among some members of Congress and others who felt they had not done enough to protect the workers.

They said they had seen too much and had to act.

The story was a national news story and the sauugers story has now entered its fourth year.

The scandal began with a company employee who died in a car accident in 2014.

The company has since said he was a “victim” of workplace misconduct.

After that, several people in the industry, including the CEO, resigned, including from the company, and an independent investigator was hired.

But after more than a year of investigations, the investigation was dismissed last year.

The man who died, Scott Taylor, a 28-year-old construction worker, was among the people who quit.

His death was one of a handful of cases that prompted the industry to institute a new code of conduct and the introduction of safety protocols.

Those changes have since helped put an end to at least two fatal workplace deaths, but they have yet to address the wider problem of unsafe working conditions.

A year ago, the Associated Statesman asked ABC News to review the cases and investigate the causes of the deaths.

It was a request that was granted by the Associated General Contractors Association.

The APA has been a strong voice on workplace safety issues and has supported the APA’s efforts to institute workplace safety laws in the states where it operates.ABC News has been trying to find out why the APACSA had not endorsed the code of care in its own state, and why the company was not required to adopt a code of concern in every state.ABC also reached out to the company and several other contractors, but the APAs office has not been able to reach the company.

In a statement, the APAGA said that the APSA “is not the agency that should be the agency for the industry.”

The APSA, however, said that its members and their families are still deeply concerned about the workplace deaths and have been demanding that the company adopt workplace safety legislation that protects workers.

The APA also said it would be working with the company to address concerns about safety, but would not release details about what those efforts might entail.

The Associated General Construction Association did not immediately respond to a request for comment.ABC’s David Farenthold contributed to this report.

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