Canada’s green energy industry is in its infancy

Canada’s green energy industry is in its infancy

An advertising campaign is changing the face of green energy in Canada.

For the first time in years, advertisers are going all out to make the green energy debate a bigger part of the advertising landscape.

“It’s going to change the way Canadians think about green energy,” said Sarah O’Keefe, an advertising strategist for Green Energy Canada, an umbrella organization for the green industry.

O’Keefe says the new ads will focus on green energy companies that are not yet big, like the giant solar company SunPower Corp. The ads will include videos from industry experts explaining how green energy can help solve a range of problems, from protecting the environment to helping with climate change.

Companies are already seeing an impact from the ads, with some buying the brand and selling advertising space on the internet.

Advertisers also are paying attention to the political climate, as well as the changing landscape of the green space.

In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected to office on a platform of a strong environmental record and green policies.

He was also an outspoken proponent of the carbon tax, and many people thought that was his way of signalling a new, green government.

But as a result of the Liberals’ election victory, he reversed course, saying it was time to start thinking about a green economy.

Since then, several major announcements have been made in the Green Economy Act that aim to address the carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change and the impact of climate change on the economy.

The carbon tax is the largest environmental law in Canada and was set to be rolled out by the end of 2017.

The law will allow the federal government to impose a tax on carbon emissions to pay for infrastructure projects and other projects that support climate change mitigation efforts.

But the legislation was delayed in part because of opposition from business and the oil and gas industry, which argued that the tax would have a devastating impact on their businesses.

Green Economy Act is still being debated in the House of Commons, and is currently expected to pass.

As of March 31, more than 3,500 businesses have signed up to participate in the online campaign.

A spokesman for the Advertising Standards Council of Canada says Green Energy is now in the “early stages” of the campaign, and the company is currently working with local governments to get their message out.

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