Super Bowl adverts: ‘Don’t look for a man’

Super Bowl adverts: ‘Don’t look for a man’

A video advert for a new Amazon product shows a man walking through a field of grass while his wife looks on.

The ad, titled “Don’t Look For A Man”, is a response to a recent survey that found one in three people have a fear of strangers looking at their private parts.

Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos said it was an ad for its new Echo speaker, which it launched in April.

He has also launched a new series of ads for Amazon’s Echo speaker which will feature a man wearing a “don’t look” mask.

Amazon advert shows man walking across field of green grass in New Zealand article In the video, the man walks through a grassy field, holding an Amazon Echo and speaking to his wife.

He looks at the camera and says, “I have an Echo, so it’s the best speaker for me.”

The woman responds, “So it’s a good product?

And it’s cheap?

What’s the problem?”

The video then shows the Amazon Echo, which shows the ad’s protagonist walking around a field with his wife holding a toy.

Amazon said it wanted to “address the real concerns of everyday people” when it launched the product.

The Echo is one of several new products announced by the tech giant this week.

It said the Echo will be used to record audio from its Amazon Fire TV streaming box, as well as by adding a microphone to the device.

It also said it would be introducing a new kind of device called the Echo Dot, which is capable of listening to people’s voices, but only when they speak to it.

Amazon also said the device will be able to make “personalised ads”, which will be presented to customers.

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