Google’s Google ads are becoming more ‘hypnotic’ as the internet becomes ‘fascinated’

Google’s Google ads are becoming more ‘hypnotic’ as the internet becomes ‘fascinated’

The company’s latest foray into advertising is the use of hypnotic images and captions on its advertising content.

The ads are appearing on Google+ and YouTube, both of which have historically been seen as the default for advertisers looking to reach a wider audience.

In a blog post, Google wrote that it had started experimenting with the use on the popular video sharing site with a focus on helping people find content they might not otherwise see.

“While we don’t always do the best job, our experiments have been encouraging,” Google wrote.

“The images are hypnotic, and the captions are very clear.

People are now interested in what we’re doing.”

While Google didn’t specify what content the ads were promoting, the company’s AdSense program, which uses ads to help fund its research, was clearly the target.

The goal was to help advertisers reach the widest possible audience, the post said.

“We’re also using these images to help educate people about the importance of privacy, and how to use it to protect your privacy.”

Google’s experiment has raised concerns among privacy advocates who worry that it could be used to monitor users, and may have been conducted in a way that could be interpreted by users as being a sign of spying.

Google also said it is working on ways to make the ads more opt-in, as well as more explicit.

Google’s new advertising program, Google+ , is the default on most of the web.

But the company has recently been rolling out a new program that gives users the option to use Google’s advertising partners.

Google has also recently launched a new YouTube advertising program that offers ads on YouTube and other video platforms.

The company has said it will also roll out a paid subscription offering for YouTube in the future.

Google, however, has said the new YouTube ad program is only available for the Google+ program, and that users have to opt in to see ads from the paid partners.

The changes come as YouTube, like other video websites, has seen a rise in users watching videos and posting comments online.

But critics of YouTube say it is increasingly used as a platform for sharing content without any user involvement.

Google says it is experimenting with ways to improve its ad product, including introducing more personalized ads for YouTube users.

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