Why you should read this

Why you should read this

article The new study by researchers at Stanford and Harvard’s Media Lab is a major step toward understanding how the advertising industry works.

The researchers found that there’s an inherent bias in the way that people think about ads.

The more we think about an ad, the more likely we are to pay for it.

This is because people believe they’re paying for something.

The study looked at over 200,000 ads purchased by over 5 million people on the U.S. internet.

It found that the average amount of time people spend viewing ads is around five minutes, and the average price of each ad is $0.80.

This gives advertisers an incentive to put their ads in front of people as soon as possible, and to be upfront with potential customers.

Advertising experts have long been concerned about how this bias could affect people’s ability to make money from ads.

They say it’s one of the most powerful forces driving the rise of online advertising.

The research, conducted by Stanford’s MediaLab, found that consumers are less likely to spend money when they think the company they’re purchasing from is more trustworthy.

And they’re less likely when they’re being presented with ads that don’t represent the brand that they’re buying from.

The researchers believe this bias is one of several factors driving the rapid growth of online advertisements.

Other factors include consumers’ desire for convenience, the proliferation of social media, and a shift to video-sharing platforms.

According to the study, when people were presented with online advertisements that didn’t represent their brand, they were more likely to avoid them.

They were also more likely than those who were shown ads that represented their brand to skip them.

While consumers might think they are paying for what they see online, they are actually paying for ads that have been deliberately designed to trick them into spending money.

This bias can lead to the impression that they are buying a product that is inferior or worse than the one advertised, the researchers found.

The most important takeaway from the study is that consumers should be careful when they are presented with an ad.

It may not mean that the product or service is better or worse, but that it has been carefully designed to fool them into believing it is.

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