The Trump administration is getting a little too friendly with the media, a former White House press secretary tells Politico

The Trump administration is getting a little too friendly with the media, a former White House press secretary tells Politico

BALTIMORE — President Donald Trump’s administration is trying to be more like the press corps, hiring new reporters and using social media to get the word out about its accomplishments, according to former White Street Journal chief Washington bureau chief Brian Fung.

The White House is “playing with the same playbook that the press played with,” Fung told Politico.

The Trump White House, in fact, has a very close relationship with the news media, Fung said.

“You could go out there and ask questions of anyone you wanted to.

They would respond, ‘Yeah, we have the same answer,'” he said.

It’s a strategy the White House has been trying to embrace, Fiume said, but it’s not a good one.

“It’s not working,” Fiumed said.

The president is looking to “play up the news story he’s created, and get the message out to the American people,” Fucke said.

In his most recent tweet, the president wrote, “Feds have been cracking down on illegal immigration in Maryland, but are now sending us $25 million to fight the opioid epidemic.”

The tweet came just hours after the Trump administration sent a $25.7 million aid package to Baltimore and the Maryland Medical Examiner’s Office to help treat heroin and opioid overdoses in the city.

The Baltimore Sun reported the president also sent $5 million in emergency relief to the city after the state Department of Health and Human Services issued an emergency order to cut off public health and social services in the area.

The federal aid is aimed at fighting opioid addiction in Baltimore and other parts of the region.

Fiumer also said the White Sox are “not going to get a good deal” from the Trump White Houses deal with the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore City Department of Public Works.

“The White House’s going to continue to try to squeeze them for concessions,” Fieds said.

He added that the Orioles were “just not going to play ball.”

Fuckee said the Orioles had been “trying to get money to play baseball in Baltimore,” even going so far as to make an offer for a one-time $10 million payment.

Fiedss said the administration also did not want to pay Baltimore $1.5 million to cover a city bus maintenance backlog.

“I think the Orioles have been trying for a year to get something,” Fucte said.

Fung agreed.

“If you’re the Orioles, they’re not going away,” he said, adding that the president has not done much to convince them.

Fined for violating rules Fiedes said the president is “fined for breaking the rules” on issues like immigration.

“He’s never had to be tested, he’s never been caught with a piece of paper in his hand, he hasn’t had to spend a lot of time with these people, they are a bunch of troublemakers,” Finedes said.

But the president still “has a lot to prove” on immigration, Fuche said.

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