The New York Times headlines misleading advertising

The New York Times headlines misleading advertising

The New New York Time has a lot of things to say about its headline-grabbing headline “Hollywood’s Hollywood Machine” (Oct. 16).

But one of the key things it does not say is the story is based on true fact.

In a story that has been a big deal for many, we have learned the Times did not know about the real number of jobs lost at Walt Disney Co. when it released its annual job report.

The company released the numbers on Oct. 12, and the Times reported in early October that there were “about 13,000 jobs lost in 2016” as a result of the layoffs.

We do not know how many people were lost in this report, but it was widely reported to be the number of Disney employees that were let go during the layoffs, and it was also widely reported that the layoffs resulted in Disney’s $1.2 billion investment in Pixar Animation Studios.

In fact, we know that this investment resulted in Pixar’s IPO.

We know that when Disney announced its annual report on Oct, 16, there were at least 13,500 jobs lost.

It was also reported that there are about 13,300 Disney employees, which is a far cry from Disney’s claims of an “hundreds of thousands” job loss.

We have learned that the Times story was based on a story in a September 2015 edition of the New York Post, which cited a “source familiar with the matter.”

In the article, the Times said that the number was “based on a source familiar with [the] matter,” which is not true.

We also know that the story about Disney layoffs was based off of a September, 2016 story from Business Insider, which said the Disney layoffs were “based in part on a Wall Street Journal report,” which the Times also did not cite.

We also know the Times never said Disney’s job loss “was in excess of 13,400” at the time of its story.

The Times did provide a link to the story to show that the total number of job losses in the Walt Disney World Resort was about 13.7 million, but the number is actually about 14 million, according to the Disney Vacation Club’s 2017 annual report.

So, while it was based in part off of the story in Business Insider about the Walt Walt Disney story, the number actually does not equal 13.8 million job losses.

The New York Magazine article cited a November, 2016 article from The Hollywood Reporter, which claimed the Walt D. Disney Co., the parent company of Disney, was “hiring about 12,000 more employees than it lost in the year that ended Sept. 30, 2016, and is looking to hire more than 17,000 employees as of Dec. 31, 2017.”

That article reported that Disney had hired 12,500 employees in its parks and resorts, and that Disney was looking to “hire 15,000 to 17,999 people.”

The article also said that Disney has “about 11,000 permanent employees working in the parks and theme parks, mostly in parks.”

That’s an increase of about 9,000, but again, we do not have the number Disney reported in the story.

We found out about this in a follow-up article that appeared in The Hollywood News, and in the article the article said that a Disney spokeswoman said “Disney is confident that it is doing everything it can to hire as many people as possible for its parks, resorts, theme parks and restaurants, and expects to have a workforce of about 18,000 full-time employees for its theme parks in 2019.”

We did not find any evidence that Disney hired any fewer than 17.5 million full-timers in 2019, and we do know that Disney did not hire any fewer people in 2019 than in 2019.

We did find evidence that some Disney employees were laid off during the Walt Vacationers layoffs in 2019 and 2020.

The Times did report in late September that a Walt Disney employee had been laid off.

We found out later that this employee was actually laid off before Disney’s layoffs.

However, we did not have any evidence at the point of publication that this person was laid off in 2019 or 2020.

We learned more about the job losses during the Disney-Pixar layoffs in late 2018.

In early September, we reported that Walt Disney Studios and Pixar were “shipping out the remaining Pixar employees and other Disney employees who had been hired as part of the deal.”

The Times reported that Pixar and Disney were “unlikely to continue” the deal.

On Sept. 3, 2019, we learned that Walt D., Disney’s chief executive officer, was planning to lay off some of his Pixar employees, but we did find out in late 2019 that Disney also was planning layoffs.

We reported that “Disney has laid off about 13% of its employees at Pixar in 2019” and that “about 4% of Disney’s current workforce was cut in 2019 alone.”

On Oct. 16, the New Yorker reported that, according “to people familiar with

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